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About us

We are a group of people that find the rollout of 5G a risky idea. The safety of 5G is hardly studied and the available research shows harmful effects.

To stop the rollout of 5G we have set up a foundation: foundation Stop5GNL. The purpose of this foundation is to protect the health of the Dutch population against health risks of EMF. One of the means to achieve this goal is an emergency injunction against the Dutch State. For more information on the lawsuit click here.

Pieta Janssen - Chair

For many years Pieta was engaged in welfare work, the last 15 years as (deputy) director of medium-sized welfare-organisations. Since 2000 she worked as a self-employed person and gave trainings and arranged coaching for organisations and companies. She finds it incomprehensible that the Dutch government is ignoring the urgent appeal of 252 EMF scientists, to first of all profoundly study the biological effects of 5G to humans, animals and the environment. Not only the health of the entire Dutch population is at stake, but also future generations (since this concerns the much-discussed DNA damage). She also finds the government’s bill that intends to exclude democratically chosen city councils from the decision-making process unacceptable.

Martine Vriens – Legal expert

As a senior legal consultant on immigration law and human rights, Martine worked for a non-profit organisation for many years. In her job she advised lawyers and regional departments on individual files, published in scientific journals and gave courses. After the installation of Wi-Fi at her workplace, she developed symptoms and was no longer able to work at the office. Currently she provides legal advice on EMF. She conducted several successful legal cases herself. She still publishes on a regular basis. She is co-founder of “Let’s Talk About Tech”, an organisation that promotes quality of life, freedom of choice for everyone and a safe, humane and sustainable use of digital applications.

Jan van Gils - Secretary

Many years Jan was able to combine being teacher, course-developer and school director. As a teacher in physics at the anthroposophic school in Rotterdam, he wrote several books for teachers for the 9th until 12th grade. After 20 years of teaching at anthroposophic (Waldorf) schools and two sabbaticals, in which he (among other things) worked at the Louis Bolk Institute and at the Michael Hall school, he again looked around in the world. He briefly worked in primary education, but he found his drive in a study Philosophy, which he concluded with a Master thesis “Towards a postmodern Episteme. A new consideration of nature” in 2004. He taught philosophy in secondary and adult education. He made attempts to design a doctoral research with the title “Self-knowledge as moral motivation”. Subsequently, he again became teacher in physics at the anthroposophic school in The Hague. Beside that he coaches teachers in Phenomenology and he organises the education Phenomenology. On a regular basis he gives lectures on 5G and he wrote the book Elektrosmog.

Alja Hoeksema - Treasurer

Since 2008 Alja cooperated in several lawsuits against licences for antenna installations. She also gives lectures on the risks of EMF and on the ethical considerations that are important when judging the use of EMF. In 2019 she finished her Master thesis for Applied Ethics (Philosophy). In her thesis she argued that the current Dutch policy regarding the use of EMF is ethically unjustified. She is a member of the European Network of Scientists for Social and Environmental Responsibility and member of the Dutch Society for Radiation Protection