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Stop5GNL reaction to cell tower burns

Various media reports show that a fire has recently broken out at a number of masts at various locations in the Netherlands. The investigation into the cause of these fires is still in full investigation and it is not yet known how or by whom these fires originated. However, the media talk about “5G madness”, “5G activism”, “anti-5G terror”, “by 5G demonstrators” and “anti-5G activists”.

Foundation Stop 5G Nederland hereby declares that it strongly distanciates itself from these acts and any acts of violence or destruction and any unlawful or criminal act. Foundation STOP5GNL works completely according to the rules of democracy and the Dutch rule of law and wants to get their justice by legal means.

Foundation STOP5GNL has also started summary proceedings via this legal route because it is of the opinion that the rollout of 5G by the Dutch State is unlawful and that there are too many serious indications of health damage in case of a rollout of 5G. Many studies show that harmful effects occur when exposed to radiation. These studies can also be found in our summons.

Furthermore, we endorse what Prof. Dr. Hans Kromhout, chairman of the Committee on Electromagnetic Fields of the Health Council of the Netherlands, stated at the end of March 2020, in which he is very critical of 5G:

  • According to Kromhout, because of its economic importance, the assessment of 5G is at odds with the careful way in which we deal with other exposures, such as to chemicals, pesticides or medicines. “There are very strict regulations for this,” he underlines.
  • Kromhout confirms that the U.S. NTP study – which provided clear evidence between cancer and exposure to EMF – was well executed and represented a major breakthrough, although – he says – certain groups tried to reason this away.
  • Kromhout calls it ‘quite extraordinary’ that the exposure limits set by ICNIRP ‘have become so influential in Europe’ and states that just looking at heat is not enough. “If you see that below the level of 1 degree of warming, which ICNIRP maintains, all kinds of effects occur, you have to go a step further”.
  • He indicates that there is a single standard for 5G, the ICNIRP standard, which is based entirely on warming. And some measurements are made in the vicinity of 5G transmitters, as you can see in the RIVM report on 5G. However, no exposure of individuals is measured, no future exposure scenarios are calculated and no possible health risks are estimated. This must be done otherwise. You shouldn’t just let the industry take its course. Well-thought-out considerations beforehand – blessings versus risks – are also necessary in this dossier”.

For more information about the content of our summary proceedings against the Dutch State, see the summons on our website

Finally, Stop5G Netherlands will continue its efforts to stop the rollout of 5G via the legal route and to point out to administrators and politicians the risks associated with the rollout of 5G.