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Privacy First supports Stop5GNL in summary proceedings

On 20 April last, Privacy First issued a statement in which it expressed its support for the summary proceedings of the Stop5GNL foundation. Bas Filippini, chairman of Privacy First indicates in the statement that there is great uncertainty about the health risks of 5G technology and states that if the harmfulness of 5G is not properly researched and adequately covered, there may immediately be a violation of the protection of privacy, a free living environment and the right to physical integrity.

The Stop5GNL Foundation is very pleased that Privacy First is supporting the summary proceedings. As also expressed in the summons, we are concerned about the fact that a roll-out of 5G will violate our physical living environment and our private and family life, as laid down in Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR). The rollout of 5G, with all the health risks it entails, can have enormous consequences for our physical and mental health, which cannot be justified.

Privacy First also explicitly refers in the statement to Article 8 of the ECHR and states that our government has a duty under human law to protect our health. “It is therefore incomprehensible that the European Union in particular is the leading force behind 5G and is pushing the member states to introduce this technology before the end of the year. She also stresses that 5G is an entirely new technology. Contrary to 4G, the frequencies are directed at the users through the antenna. This requires massive numbers of antenna that beam these high-frequency radiations.

Privacy first also mentions other privacy risks of 5G, namely from the so-called Smart Grids and Smart Cities. These networks, in which billions of devices are connected and communicate with each other, are a major threat to our privacy. It is time for a broad public discussion about the advantages and disadvantages of these networks and to what extent there will still be freedom of choice in a free environment in the near future. In this respect, clear principles and rules must be drawn up for their implementation and consequences for our free, open democratic society.

Finally, Privacy First states: “As far as summary proceedings are concerned, it is urgent to conduct a proper independent investigation into the health risks and possible alternative technologies if it turns out that the so-called economic benefits do not outweigh the harmful effects. So that the Netherlands can rightly become a privacy guideland. For a free and healthy society!

The Stop5GNL Foundation can fully subscribe to this and the statement comes at a good moment now that today the lawsuit officially starts.

Here is a link to the extensive statement of Privacy First