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Press release to all media

On 20 April last, the Stop5G Netherlands Foundation sent a press release to all media to inform them about the summary proceedings with the request to pay attention to it. This is more necessary than ever since the media mostly talk about mast burns and corona in relation to 5G but according to Stop5GNL this – although it seems exciting news – is a huge distraction from the real story that needs to be told about 5G and the health risks associated with it.

 Below is the full press release:


Summary proceedings Foundation Stop5GNL against the Dutch State

The summary proceedings against the roll-out of 5G – the hearing of which is scheduled for 21 April – will continue. The court has deemed the summary proceedings to be very urgent and proceedings will therefore continue. However, due to the closure of most courts in connection with the coronavirus outbreak, the hearing has been cancelled and the proceedings will be conducted entirely in writing.

For foundation Stop5G Netherlands it is good news that the proceedings will continue and that they have been designated as very urgent. The rollout of 5G and the auction of the frequencies will continue unabated, despite the outbreak of the coronavirus which has brought the entire social life to a standstill. At the moment, the media is mostly talking about mast burns and corona in relation to 5G, but according to Stop5GNL this – although it seems exciting news – distracts enormously from the real story.

In a statement Stop5GNl has explicitly distanced itself from the mast burns and indicates that it works according to the rules of democracy and the Dutch rule of law and wants to get justice by legal means. At the same time she wonders whether 5G can be linked to this and conclusions are not drawn too quickly now that it is absolutely not clear how the fires started.

The real story to be told is that there is no corona needed to prove that it is unlawful to roll out 5G. The connection with corona has not been demonstrated and does not appear in our summons. What does occur are numerous studies that show harmful effects and the fact that the guidelines that are currently in place and should provide us with safety are only based on warming effects and do not adequately protect us.

Prof. Dr. Kromhout, chairman of the Committee on Electromagnetic Fields of the Health Council of the Netherlands, who recently expressed a critical opinion on 5G: “He calls it ‘quite extraordinary’ that the ICNIRP standards ‘have gained so much influence in Europe’ and states that just looking at heat is not enough. “If you see that below the level of one degree of warming, which ICNIRP maintains, all kinds of effects occur, you have to go a step further at some point. He also says: “You shouldn’t just let the industry take its course. Well-considered considerations beforehand – blessings versus risks – are also necessary in this dossier”.

In Switzerland and Slovenia and several municipalities in Italy it has now been decided not to roll out 5G for the time being because of the health risks. France, Portugal, Spain and Austria are also postponing the auction and roll-out until further notice.

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