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Court hearing in summary proceedings will go ahead after all!

The court informed Stichting Stop5GNL 21 April that a court hearing of the summary proceedings would take place after all. The hearing is scheduled for 4 May.


Foundation Stop5GNL is pleased with the decision of the court to allow the hearing to take place after all. In this important case it is better for all parties to be able to argue their case during a hearing. This is not for nothing standard practice in summary proceedings.

The hearing was initially cancelled due to the coronavirus crisis and the closure of all courts. The proceedings were to be conducted entirely in writing. Nevertheless, the court decided that an oral hearing of the case was desirable.

However, a limited number of persons will be admitted in connection with the coronavirus.  It will therefore not be a public hearing, and as Foundation Stop5GNL we will of course be able to attend. We have yet to see who else we can invite to attend the hearing. There will also be limited access to the press.