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Summary proceedings considered to be very urgent and will continue, but in writing.

The summary proceedings against the roll-out of 5G – the hearing of which is scheduled for 21 April – will continue. Last Friday, the District Court informed Foundation Stop5G Netherlands that the case was considered to be very urgent and that proceedings will continue. However, due to the closure of most courts in connection with the coronavirus outbreak, the hearing has been cancelled and the proceedings will be conducted entirely in writing.

For Stop5G Netherlands it is good news that the proceedings are continuing and that they have been designated as very urgent. The rollout of 5G and the auction of the frequencies will continue unabated, despite the outbreak of the coronavirus which has brought the entire social life to a standstill.

In other countries, such as France, Portugal and Austria, the auctions of 5G frequencies have therefore been postponed. It would be desirable if this were to happen in the Netherlands as well. This would give the Dutch municipalities more time to make their demands known in the research into the administrative consequences for municipalities of the rollout of 5G and to see what the support among residents is. At the moment many administrative processes in municipalities are at a standstill. But now that the rollout of 5G in the Netherlands is continuing, a delay of the procedure would be absolutely undesirable. In recent weeks we have also received many questions about whether the hearing would continue or not.

It is unfortunate that the hearing is being cancelled. There will be less attention for it this way. Certainly from the media who are now focusing mainly on the coronavirus. However, a written procedure also offers possibilities and will be less likely to surprise us.

How does the procedure proceed now? The circumstance that summary proceedings are conducted entirely in writing has not occurred before, so everything is new now. A pleading note will not be necessary. All procedural documents – both on our part and on the part of the government – will in any case be before the court before 21 April. After that we can submit a reply, a second written procedural document, which will take into account the government’s arguments as well as possible questions from the Court.

We have already received many donations and thank everyone who has supported us so far! If you also want to support this summary proceedings, please take a look at our donation page. Donations are still welcome!