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Letter about summary proceedings and other (inter)national developments sent to all municipalities

On 13 March, the Stop5GNL foundation sent a letter to all municipalities to inform them about the summary proceedings we are bringing against the Dutch government to stop 5G. In the letter we also inform the municipalities about a number of recent (inter)national developments in this area.

We think it is important that municipalities are aware of these developments – including moratoria on 5G in a number of countries and municipalities – and that they are once again reminded that there are indeed health risks associated with exposure to EMF and 5G in particular and that for this reason it is absolutely irresponsible to roll out 5G. It is very important that municipalities take these developments into account when making decisions, because it is ultimately their legal duty to protect the health of their inhabitants.

What does the letter to the municipalities contain?

– Information about the summary proceedings that Stop5GNL filed against the government with a link to the writ of summons issued on 25 February 2020.

– Interesting national and international developments such as moratoria on the rollout of 5G in various countries due to health reasons and warnings from the European and Austrian Parliament.

– Signals coming to us from doctors concerned about exposure to EMF and supporting us in the summary proceedings.

– Why it is (morally) irresponsible to roll out 5G.

– What the municipality can do to take action.