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Stichting Stop5GNL starts summary proceedings against the Dutch State

The Stop5GNL Foundation subpoenaed the Dutch state on 25 February. With this writ of summons they will start summary proceedings to try to stop the rollout of 5G. Stichting Stop5GNL is of the opinion that the rollout of 5G is unlawful because it does not protect citizens against the dangerous consequences of exposure to radiation of 5G.

5G means an enormous increase of masts and small transmitters (narrow cells). In inhabited areas a transmitter should be installed every 100 meters. This means an enormous increase in radiation intensity. 5G has not been researched for health risks and the many studies already done on 2G, 3G and 4G show that there are harmful effects for humans, animals and plants. More and more people are becoming ill as a result of radiation. With the rollout of 5G and the increase in radiation intensity, the impact on people and the environment will be enormous. This must be prevented!

Stop5GNL believes that the government is hiding behind guidelines that do not protect against harmful effects. The guidelines used by the Netherlands are outdated, they ignore the medium and long term effects and important: they only take into account acute warming effects and not other health effects such as DNA damage, cancer, blood-brain barrier permeation, neurological damage, etc.

For many years now, large groups of Dutch people have been working on increasing awareness of the harmful effects of EMF. Administrators and politicians have been approached in every possible way. They have been informed about studies that show harmful effects, about European resolutions that advocate more protection, they have organised information meetings, collected signatures and held demonstrations. Thousands of citizens keep reminding the government of their responsibility to protect their own population against the risks of radiation. Stop5GNL wants to use the judiciary to hold the government to this responsibility.

What preceded the summons? 17 February last, the Stop5GNL foundation had a meeting with the Ministry of Economic Affairs. We were invited to do so in response to the summons letter we sent on 19 December. In this letter we asked them to stop the rollout of 5G. Because the ministry did not meet this demand we start the summary proceedings. Stop5G has engaged highly skilled lawyers to conduct this process. The issue is so urgent because the government is currently preparing the auction for the frequencies for 5G.