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Interview Stop5GNL with Ministry of Economic Affairs

Last Monday the Stop5GNL foundation had a meeting with the Ministry of Economic Affairs. We were invited because of the summons letter we sent on 19 December. In this letter we asked them to enter into dialogue – a condition also to be able to start summary proceedings – and to stop the rollout of 5G. This was the purpose of this meeting. Hereby a short report of the consultation and what the next steps will be.

We had a strong delegation from Stop5GNL in which we were assisted by our two lawyers from Boels and Zanders. They also had a strong delegation. There was a deputy director of Digital Economy from the Ministry of Economic Affairs, a lawyer and a policy officer present. There was also a delegation from the Electromagnetic Fields Knowledge Platform. They were assisted by their two national lawyers.

We were not very surprised by their points of view and we had a good defence. With a wonderful plea from our lawyer as well. First of all, the Ministry indicated that there is not much new on the frequencies and that the auction is necessary because the old contracts are expiring. That argument was dropped as one of us was able to tell what new technical possibilities they offer for 5G and that after all, that is what the auction is for.

The conversation also revealed that the Ministry of Economic Affairs does not seem to take responsibility for the possible health damage that their actions would cause, because the government states that this is a “technology-neutral” technology and that it is up to the telecom companies to fill in the gaps.

There was also the well-known argument that although there are studies that show harmful effects, most studies really show that exposure to EMF is safe. And that the ICNIRP guidelines – which in principle are safe – are complied with. According to them, all they need is an update that will then be laid down by law.

We were able to parry them well. Our letter of summons is also clear enough in this respect. Stop5GNL has also asked the question, what will the government do if it turns out that the rollout of 5G will cause enormous health damage?

Stop5GNL is of the opinion that – with the many studies that already show health damage and which also appear from practice – it is absolutely irresponsible to roll out 5G and we believe that the precautionary principle should be applied.

What is the next step? We have given the Ministry one week – despite their request for three weeks – to respond to our letter of summons. If the Ministry does not respond to our request, the summons will be sent.