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Stichting Stop5GNL sends a letter of summons to the Minister with the request to stop 5G. Will you help to stop 5G?

Stichting Stop5GNL has recently sent a letter of summons to the Minister in which it calls on the Minister to stop the auction of the 5G-frequencies and to take responsibility for the health of the citizens. We believe that the rollout of 5G exposes the Dutch population to an unacceptable health risk and that is illegal.

The Stop5GNL Foundation wants – if the Dutch state does not respond to our call – to start summary proceedings to enforce this by means of a lawsuit. It is irresponsible to roll out 5G because hardly any research has been done into the health risks of 5G and this in spite of the fact that studies on previous generations of mobile networks already show harmful effects on humans, animals and the environment.

For years we have been working on increasing awareness of the harmful effects of EMF. In every possible way we try to give politicians, the administrators in this country, from local to national, more insight into the biological effects and the damage to all living things. We also try to give them insight into their responsibility as administrators to protect their own population against undermining radiation.

With the rollout of 5G planned from 2020, it will be a real challenge, because the rollout of 5G and the enormous densification of antennas will increase the radiation exposure enormously. We have to prevent this from happening! In addition to all the actions, demonstrations, information evenings, signatures and (Facebook) messages that we have organised with combined force, we now want to increase the pressure and are prepared to start summary proceedings.

Who are we? We are a group of people who think the rollout of 5G is risky and want to stop it. For more information and the preparation for possible summary proceedings, see our new website: On the homepage you can read why we are against the roll-out of 5G. On the Legal page you will find everything about the lawsuit. And very important: On the Donations page you will find the Donations button. On the News page you will find news items from us and also messages that have appeared in the media.

We can really only do this with a lot of support. Support from everyone who wants to stop 5G. We would like to ask you to show and promote this website as much as possible. We think that we – all of us – are able to stop 5G.


Pieta Janssen, Martine Vriens, Jan van Gils and Alja Hoeksema