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The Dutch State has planned the new 5G mobile network to be implemented throughout the Netherlands in the year 2020, without being tested on humans, animals or nature.

Help us stop the 5G rollout!

Lawsuit against the Dutch State to stop 5G

The foundation Stop5GNL has filed an emergency injunction against the Dutch State in order to stop the rollout of 5G. We are of the opinion that the rollout of 5G by the Dutch State is unlawful, because it does not protect its citizens against the harmful consequences of exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMF) from 5G. 

No studies on the risks of 5G

Until now, very  few studies have been conducted to examine the potential health risks from exposure to 5G. The Health Council Netherlands (HCN) confirms this and indicates, in a broadcast by RTLZ on September 9th 2019, that there are many commercial interests in the rollout of 5G, without thorough research on the possible consequences. The available research shows that permanent harm can occur.

252 EMF scientists resend an urgent appeal

The Dutch State ignores 252 scientists from 43 countries that have all conducted research on harmful effects of electromagnetic fields on humans, animals and the environment, and who warn against its harmful consequences. In the EMF Scientist Appeal they urgently ask the member states of the United Nations  – including the Netherlands – to ensure better protection of public health against exposure to EMF. According to these scientists the new densely located antennas will lead to escalating health risks and a global crisis.

The rollout of 5G must be stopped!

It is of vital importance that 5G will be stopped. 5G will cause an enormous increase of antennas. Reportedly an increase of 5 to 10 times more antennas, at about every 100 meters. The expected increase of radiation levels is a factor 10 to 100. The antennas will be densely placed throughout residential neighbourhoods. The antennas will use much higher frequencies and with more dangerous pulsed signalling characteristics. This will have a greater disruptive effect on human physiology.

What can you do?

Please help foundation Stop5gNL with this important lawsuit and make a donation!